Consortium management and decision-making

Overall, the organizational structure and decision mechanisms are planned to suit the size of the project, which has a duration of 36 months, a small-size consortium (3 principal partners), and welldefined roles. The management structure for the project will be put in place with the goal of being:

• Effective: An effective management means that all objectives, timelines, reporting duties of the project are met. We have set up very ambitious goals for this project that we want to extend beyond the life of this project. An attitude of respect and adoption of best ideas during decision-making will be in place.
An effective management will allow us to meet and even exceed those goals.

• Efficient: The management structure is kept simple so that the overhead on team members is kept to a minimum. Communication lines are short and absent of too much hierarchy. Efficient also means that controls are in place to catch and correct errors early on and that the work is well delegated among the team members to that the burden is shared and that work is not repeated.

• Transparent: The decisions and discussions will be documented; the results and progress of the project will be shared with all partners. The goal of PYTHAGORAS is to create very strong collaboration between the three partners and in as such, transparency will be a key characteristic of the organizational structure.