The leading research University in Cyprus that aspires to promote scholarship and education standards of excellence through teaching and research.
More than 7000 students (undergraduate and graduate) currently undertake studies.


Established in 1972 with campuses in Alexandria, El-Alamein, Cairo, Port Said and Aswan. It have had many achievements in education, training, consultation, and research within the field of Maritime Transport, Engineering, Medicine, Density, pharmacy, Computer science, Artificial Intelligence etc. Since its establishment, AASTMT has been involved in the various fields of education, training, scientific research, and community service.
Being a multi-purpose, multi-task institution, AASTMT serves the entire Arab world, as well as Africa. AASTMT undertakes teaching, training designed to qualify students in all fields of knowledge, including sciences, technology, and humanities.
Currently more than 30,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, and 1000 researchers work and study on the various campuses of AASTMT, located all over Egypt.


Established in 2000 and with over 15,000 students the University of Manouba places the student at the center of its purpose and of its educational and scientific mission. While respecting the legal provisions, it responds to the country’s needs and alignment with its development priorities by working to:
• Promote the development, dissemination and sharing of advanced, fundamental and applied knowledge.
• Develop students’ skills and prepare them or professional life.
• Build lasting cooperative relationships with the international community.
• Continuous quality improvement in the scientific, educational, administrative and financial fields.
• Build complementary links between institutions.
• Distribute and federate the means with a view to achieving common goals.


Al-Khawarizmi Computing Center (CCK) is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the higher education ministry that includes all Tunisian universities and scientific research establishments.
CCK Mission is to:
• Organize, promote, ensure and encourage the use of digital technologies in academia and science in general.
• Provide the infrastructure and tools necessary for the establishment and management of a National University Network (RNU), interconnected to the Internet and other NRENs by means of highspeed links.
• Produce and host ICT platforms and services geared towards academic, scientific and socio-economic circles
• Ensure continuous improvement of RNU in response / forecast to changing needs and / or technological advances.
• Provide training, retraining and services related to the specialty of the center for the benefit of public or private parties, national or foreign in the field of ICT.
• Ensure the role of an observatory of technological and scientific development in the field of ICT for academia.


Ain Shams University, as the third Egyptian university, was founded in July 1950 for meeting the increasing demand of youth for higher education. When it was first established, Ain Shams University comprised a number of distinguished faculties and academic institutes, which were later developed into the university of today that has 9938 faculty staff and 20540 postgraduate students.


With over 700 years of history and 120,000 students. It is the first University in Rome and the largest University in Europe. Sapienza has around 4,500 professors and almost 4,000 administrative and technical staff.
Students from other regions are over 30,000.
Foreign students are over 7,000. Incoming and outgoing Erasmus students are about 2,000 per year.
Sapienza is composed of 11 faculties, 64 departments and several centres devoted to scientific research.
There are also 80 PhD programmes available.
DIMA Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering was established in 1982 and is composed by about 100 employees among Professors, technicians and administrative staff.
DIMA main objectives are the promotion and coordination of research activities in the fields of applied mechanic, fluid dynamic, aerospace engines, mechanical and thermal measurements, technological design, management and project of engines, industrial and energy plants, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

University of Sfax

The University of Sfax (USF) was created in 1986, endowed with a rich cultural heritage and ideal geographical location as well as both regional and international reputation, the university of Sfax includes 19 institutions of higher education in diverse disciplines and offers comprehensive trainings. The University counts 2420 permanent teachers and researchers, 1350 administrative staff and welcomes around 29581 students every year. Through its 5 doctoral schools, 66 research laboratories, 37 research units and 11 joint service units for research, the university of Sfax Contributes to high-quality scientific research in various domain ranging from social and human sciences to hard and technical sciences.


The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) is the national umbrella for the planning of scientific research activities in Egypt. It includes the national committees of 20 International Scientific Unions and has 15 specialized Councils for various branches of scientific activities.
The Academy’s members are experts from universities, research centres, institutes and production sectors. The Councils suggest appropriate research projects to be conducted with ASRT to solve some of the problems of these sectors and to meet the national development programmes.