CCK – Al-Khawarizmi Computing Center

Al-Khawarizmi Computing Center (CCK – is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the higher education and scientific research sector in Tunisia, that includes all Tunisian universities and scientific research institutions.

CCK Mission is to:

  • Organize, promote, ensure and encourage the use of digital technologies in academia and science in general.
  • Provide the infrastructure and tools necessary for the establishment and management of a National University Network (RNU), interconnected to the Internet and other NRENs by means of highspeed links.
  • Produce and host ICT platforms and services geared towards academic, scientific and socio-economic circles
    • Ensure continuous improvement of RNU in response / forecast to changing needs and / or technological advances.
  • Provide training, retraining and services related to the specialty of the center for the benefit of public or private parties, national or foreign in the field of ICT.
  • Ensure the role of an observatory of technological and scientific development in the field of ICT for academia.
Al-Khawarizmi Computing Center (CCK)
Al-Khawarizmi Computing Center (CCK)

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