UMA – University of Manouba

University of Manouba

UMA ( is a multidisciplinary Tunisian public university. Created in 2000, the year the Manouba Governorate was founded, it brings together, twenty years later, a united group of 15 academic and research institutions, for some, before the first texts establishing the Tunisian national university in March 1960.
In 2022, the UMA has 15375 students, 1256 teachers and 761 administrative, technical and workers staff (ATOS). It offers 125 diplomas in the various levels of training; 01 preparatory cycle for language studies, 30 Licences, 75 Masters of Research and Professionals, 03 National Diplomas of Engineers, 01 National Diploma of Veterinary Medicine and 16 Doctorates backed by a dynamic research ecosystem specialized in various scientific fields with 3 Doctoral Schools federating 34 research structures (Laboratories and Units) and one National Research Institute.
Developed gradually around the Manouba Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities, the UMA now has several assets that give it a privileged position in the Tunisian academic landscape and contribute to its international reach.
The UMA community operates in prestigious and mature institutions, places of thought and invention that hold rich academic traditions as well as in young institutions, dynamic and proactive working in emerging fields fueled by technological discoveries. This generational balance that characterizes it is a major asset and a guarantee of the sustainability of the UMA and its societal impact.
The curricula/diplomas delivered within its institutions are divided into four poles affecting the majority of the fields of knowledge, namely :

  • Humanities and Information Sciences;
  • Informatics, Art and Design;
  • Economics and Management, and
  • Life and Environmental Sciences.

This pluridisciplinarity, source of wealth is the second asset of the UMA.

The pluridisciplinarity and originality of the training offer extend to include scientific research and constitute strength of the UMA. In fact, on the scientific level, UMA researchers have publications that are often awarded prestigious prizes in the field of human and social sciences. UMA’s international ranking also confirms that islands of excellence stand out in the field of sports sciences where UMA is ranked among the top 300 universities in the world (Shanghai 2018 Ranking, Global Sport Sciences Schools) and that of Computer Sciences where it is ranked first nationally and on the Maghreb and in the world Top 501-600 (Ranking THE 2019, Computer Sciences). The international reputation of UMA researchers and the influence of their work is a major asset of UMA’s scientific research and a key driver of its influence.

Aware of the importance of the internationalization of training and research for its influence, the UMA has also succeeded in establishing close and balanced relations with a range of institutions, centres, organisations and universities with 98 cooperation agreements in 28 partner countries. This rich and stable network of international partners is an asset that has enabled the UMA to develop training in co-education and co-supervision and to support the mobility of its community. This effort has also increased the number of capacity-building projects and the number of bilateral and multilateral research projects obtained in cooperation with several countries and on different funding lines.

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