Étiquette : PRIMA

Projet PRIMA Erasmus+

PYTHAGORAS consortium partners applying for PRIMA

Partners of the Erasmus+ project PYTHAGORAS have submitted a proposal application through the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA). The proposal aims to increase strategic crop production in marginal soil and recycle agricultural waste. The proposed technology utilizes plasma treatment and depends on many of the core capabilities that are being developed through PYTHAGORAS. Some of those are digital numerical simulations to optimize plasma treatment and business skills to bring the technology to the relevant stakeholders. The proposal for PRIMA grew from one of the discussed case studies of PYTHAGORAS and it involves partners from all the four countries of PYTHAGORAS (Egypt, Tunisia, Italy and Cyprus). It should be mentioned that the ability to grow crops in a sustainable manner in marginal fields has the potential to increase the arable land and ease food security concerns for the region.